Lalita Soto- Administrative Assistant

Lalita M.Soto is currently attending Liberty University’s School of Behavioral Sciences, where she is obtaining her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, with a specialty in Christian Counseling. She is gaining knowledge and building a firm foundation in understanding psychological development, behavioral issues, codes for diagnosing, clinical therapy approaches, coupled with a faith-based approach for counseling.

Lalita is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counseling since 2012, received the Breaking Free Award with honors from the Executive Board of the (AACC)- 2012, and received a Certificate of Appreciation from Treasure Lake Job Corps Diversity Committee in Indiahoma, Oklahoma- 2003.

Her burden for life is kindled with compassion and understanding of life’s stressors and struggles, of the abused and abandoned. She has a significant amount of personal experience consulting with this population. Lalita’s main objective is to gently educate, encourage, and empower a healthier cognitive-behavioral lifestyle from a clinical and biblical approach.