Naïve realism is what psychologist describe as the intuitive sense that we see the world out there as it actually is, rather than as it appears from our own perspective. We as human beings often encounter family, friends, co-workers or just strangers whom we engage in conversations about a broad range of topics. Sometimes we assume that other people share our views when they really don’t because we are left with the, “I’m right, your wrong” factor. If the illusions you hold about your own brain lead you to believe that you see the world as it actually is and you find that others see it differently, then they must be biased, distorted, uninformed, ignorant, unreasonable, or evil. Therefore, having these thoughts about the mind of others is what escalates differences of opinion into differences worth fighting for (Epley 2014). Understanding the mind of another person first requires your ability to recognize that your judgment could be wrong, or could at least be wrong more often than you might think and that is why it’s imperative to compromise in a relationship. Step out of your-self for the moment and walk in your wife, husband, son, daughter, or boss’s shoes and try to sympathize and understand their point of view. This can be challenging so Revolutionary Change Counseling will provide the knowledge and therapeutic tools to heighten your ability to understand relationships. Please call Revolutionary Change Counseling (813) 331 – 7673 or (813) 296 – 7911 to provides counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and children. We are located in Apollo Beach and we service the Riverview, Brandon, Ruskin and the surrounding Tampa Bay Area.