Meet Angela Canque-Kaplan: Here To Serve You

Hello! I am Angela Canque-Kaplan. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at
Revolutionary Change Counseling. I specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization
Reprocessing or EMDR. It means that I use an interactive therapy technique to help you
relieve psychological stress. The type of stress that can show up as anxiety,
depression, unresolved grief, poor self-esteem, and emotional eating. I will work with
you to overcome emotional traumas such as physical, sexual, verbal abuse, and neglect.
I can also help you work through PTSD, medical-related traumas, loss of significant
relationships and domestic violence.
Another part of my work that I enjoy is promoting healthy relationships for engaged and
married couples. I am a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator which means I create
customized assessments and skill-building tools for couples. It will help you foster
resilient relationships and marriages.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about brain health and the science
behind it. I use a combination of traditional, holistic, and research-based therapeutic
techniques. I am also a big proponent of Dr. Daniel Amen’s research on brain
optimization which I will use to inspire hope, knowledge, and healing in you.

I began my career as a mental health counselor back in 2011 after receiving my
graduate degree in mental health counseling from Nova Southeastern University.
Throughout the years, I have worked with children, young people, and adults. I spent
time in the school system, summer camps, and served as a volunteer in numerous
children’s projects. I have also worked with residential treatment facilities, group
therapy couples, and individuals.

My heart is to help destigmatize mental health and help you see a way forward for a
productive and wholesome life. To connect with me or to book an appointment call
813-331-7673 or email me at

Specialized Area

– Certified Amen Clinics Brain Health Coach
– Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator
– Levels 1 & 2 Trained EMDR Therapist Modalities Used
– Evidence-Based Practices


– M.S. Mental Health Counseling, Nova Southeastern University

– B.S. Community Health Science, New Jersey City University


Revolutionary Change Counseling, LLC is a refreshing and ground-breaking approach to therapy. Our vision is to help you explore your past, heal the present and transform your future. We listen to what concerns you to offer guidance and direction in circumstances that are challenging to change. Our emphasis is on achieving a balanced life. You will gain understanding, clarity and a positive outlook to overcome anything that comes your way. You will walk away renewed, aware, motivated and ready to be an agent of change. A change that’s revolutionary is wide-reaching and starts with you!

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