On your journey to a better you, don’t forget the importance of love in your life. If you are married and trapped in routine, it’s time for you and your spouse to break out of that box.

Shake things up! Go somewhere different, wear something eye catching. If you usually make it home in time for the 10 o’clock news stretch yourself and stay out past midnight. It’s time to re-ignite the flame of passion, desire and adventure! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are reminded of love and romance. However, it’s so important that love is expressed regularly throughout the year.

Doing the things you enjoy with your spouse allows you to become more connected and passionate within your marriage. Now is the time to get back to the heart and soul of “Date Night.” Is your Husband a sports fanatic? But you enjoy shopping instead? Find a balance and do something new together. Maybe date night looks like a trip to the Nike Outlet and dinner at your local sports hang-out. Add variety… remember it’s the spice of life.

In your effort to shake things up, focus on the one you love. Take the time to be captivated by what drew you to them in the first place. Allow 2017 to bring loads of excitement and romance into your relationship!

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-Shaana Wilson, M.S LMHC