Meet Carolyne Cole: Here To Serve You

Welcome! I am Carolyne Cole, a therapist at Revolutionary Change Counseling. I
specialize in marriage and family therapy. I also work with teens, young adults, and
seniors who are bravely taking steps toward bringing positive change into their lives.
My approach to therapy is pretty eclectic. I use principles of Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy and Narrative Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you shut down
unhelpful distortions about yourself and provide personal coping strategies that will
support problem-solving in your life. Narrative Therapy will help you identify your values
and skills so that you can use them to confront current and future challenges. I also
offer spiritual counseling if you are seeking to explore or solidify your spiritual beliefs.
I began my calling in mental health following my retirement from a 35-year career in
education. I am a published author and I hold a master’s degree in American Studies,
and I have earned the distinguished National Board Certification in English Education. I
have taught in public and private schools, community colleges, and universities in both
Florida and Eastern Europe. All these experiences have widened my understanding and
make it easier to relate to a variety of people and cultures. It also makes it easy for me
to connect with you.

I am a native Floridian, married for 44 years to a former University of South Florida
professor, so I understand what it means to live life and overcome challenges in the
Sunshine State. My heart is to support you wherever you are on your journey, ease your
worries about the future, and give you practical tools to heal. I know that the first step
toward change is often the most difficult, but I urge you to take a step of faith and give
me a call. To book an appointment or to learn more about my work, please visit or call (813) 331-7673,


Revolutionary Change Counseling, LLC is a refreshing and ground-breaking approach to therapy. Our vision is to help you explore your past, heal the present and transform your future. We listen to what concerns you to offer guidance and direction in circumstances that are challenging to change. Our emphasis is on achieving a balanced life. You will gain understanding, clarity and a positive outlook to overcome anything that comes your way. You will walk away renewed, aware, motivated and ready to be an agent of change. A change that’s revolutionary is wide-reaching and starts with you!

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