Really. We Understand.

Coming into an office and sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings may not be on your list of new things to do. Honestly, for many people it can be very unnerving, but I promise you if you take the time to explore, transform and heal yourself mentally and spiritually your life can change. I invite you to come into Revolutionary Change, talk to me and you can walk out feeling better.  Making the decision to seek therapy is courageous and it is the first step on your path to change. Therapy is a very empowering and liberating journey as you begin to move the needle and make revolutionary changes in your life. As your therapist, I am here to serve you. My primary concern is to help you in any area you need.

Some frequently asked questions prior to coming to counseling:

How do I know if I need someone to talk to?

First you must ask yourself these very honest questions:

Am I unable to function daily because of a challenge or persistent problem that prevents me from being my most effective self?

Have I lost interest in some of the things I once enjoyed?

Do I get tired of having the same conversation over and over without any change?

Am I able to set and meet my current life goals?

Am I satisfied in my significant relationships with family/friends?

Am I stressed and overwhelmed to the point where I feel “stuck”?

Have you answered yes to any of these questions?

If these challenges seem too big to handle on your own and you are ready to do something about it, it’s definitely time to talk and make a change.

If I do need someone to talk to is there something wrong with me?

People often ask this question prior to coming to therapy. The reality is that millions of everyday people just like you need help from time to time. Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with mental health; and so part of my job is to help and to educate you so that there is a better understanding about the process. Your mind, your resolve and emotions are so important. It’s a part of your total well-being and wellness. Just as any area of your physical health, your mental health needs just as much care. If you had a severe wound on your arm and it needed medical attention, wouldn’t you see a doctor right away? Well our mental health needs that same amount of urgency. An emotional or mental wound can impact you greatly, and in some instances may not heal without the proper professional help.

How long is an appointment?

An appointment is typically 1-hour in duration depending on your needs. Hour and a half sessions are available upon request.

What can I expect during my first appointment session?

You can expect great change during your first appointment!

But before we begin, there is a small amount of paperwork that I will need you to complete. In our first session my goal is to learn more about you and understand what brought you to therapy. We will also set goals to achieve your transformation. My office is warm safe space where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Research has shown that the success of therapy is actually determined by the quality of the therapist-client relationship. My goal is to build trust so that we can meet the core of your needs as a team.

What makes therapy successful?

Therapy is successful if you chose to make it successful. Once we establish the purpose of what your needs are, I will check-in with you at each session to monitor your progress. Progress is determined by a decrease of symptoms surrounding the event that initially brought you into therapy as well as your ongoing self-care. As a thoroughly trained clinical professional, I will assess your mental and emotional stability and help meet your needs accordingly. As we explore, transform and heal you will achieve your own personal victories along the way.

How Many Counseling sessions will I have to undergo?

Once we assess and determine what your needs are, we will come up with a comprehensive plan. Typically, traditional counseling has a treatment plan goal time frame of 6-12 months with meetings once weekly/biweekly. However, this is not the timeline that’s best for everyone, as each set of individual/family needs are different. As you make progress towards your goals, session frequency will decrease as you’re able to apply the skills and tools for change.

Fees and Pricing

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept various health insurances providers. Please click the services link to view the list of accepted health insurances.


*50 minute- 1 hour session- $90-$120 per hour

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted.


Revolutionary Change Counseling, LLC is a refreshing and ground-breaking approach to therapy. Our vision is to help you explore your past, heal the present and transform your future. We listen to what concerns you to offer guidance and direction in circumstances that are challenging to change. Our emphasis is on achieving a balanced life. You will gain understanding, clarity and a positive outlook to overcome anything that comes your way. You will walk away renewed, aware, motivated and ready to be an agent of change. A change that’s revolutionary is wide-reaching and starts with you!

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