Prioritizing Your Family’s Mental During the Back to School Season

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As a mental health professional and a mom of a school-aged son, we saw the importance of the mental health discussion as parents during this academic school year. We as a family value the impact mental health has on education during a global pandemic and we know, you are likely having the same conversations with your family as well. 

‘Parents as teachers’ for some may be an entirely new concept and at Revolutionary Change Counseling our dedicated team of mental health counselors are here to collaborate with you on this new journey. We care. 


“Am I teaching and supporting my child the way they need?” 

“Should I homeschool?” 

“Should I send my child to school for face-to-face learning?” 


“Will I ever get to hang out with my friends in-person again?” 

“Will my grades suffer because of virtual learning?” 


“Will my students be able to successfully engage online?” 

“How do I navigate a work-life balance while also being a parent?”

These questions and concerns are very common. Starting a new school year can be a very stressful time and preparing your child for the new school year changes with honest conversation is important. Your reassurance to them regarding their new routine for the upcoming school year is important. 

The good news is that this is a teachable moment in history for parents and teachers the like. There is space for these roles to intersect and collaborate in and/or out of the classroom via home schools or face-to-face methods of education you are facing this year. 

We also want to support children by providing excellent care for your mental health in this new school year so that your child has the necessary skills and tools to be mentally and emotionally well in their learning environment. 

Our hope is to support, psychoeducate and enrich children, teachers and parents for this 2020-2021 school year. We are actively in the community connecting with our local educational systems on the frontline to provide support and care for your mental health. As a provider of telehealth services located in Apollo Beach, we service the Riverview, Ruskin and Brandon areas of Tampa Bay. We also look forward to being an extended support to Hillsborough County Schools as we meet the mental, emotional and behavioral health needs of this upcoming school year. As we continue to monitor the safety for all, we will keep everyone informed regarding the reopening of our offices for in-person sessions. 

By: Shaana Wilson, M.S LMHC Clinical Director/CEO

For Kids:

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Written by December 31, 2020 12:02 am Categories: