Meet Rachel Funnel: Here To Serve You

Hi there, I’m Rachel Funnell, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at
Revolutionary Change Counseling. I am ready and delighted to help you. I
specialize in supporting children, adults, couples, and families who have
experienced life transitions, trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce, and
relationship challenges.

I have been working in mental health since 2006. During that time, I worked with
children with Autism and ADHD. I provided behavioral support through coaching
and modeling. I showed my clients how to interact with their peers, adults, and
family members. I also have experience providing individual, family, and group
therapy to adults with severe mental health disorders. I have led groups on
coping skills, social skills, and basic living skills and provided assessments and
individual therapy to clients in a county Detention Center setting.

I am certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid. I am also trained in the Adolescent
Community Reinforcement Approach or A-CRA. It’s a form of treatment for young
people with drug and alcohol disorders. It helps them to learn to increase family,
social, and educational fulfillment to support their recovery. I am also trained in
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and I have supervised
clinicians in this form of treatment. I am also working toward my PCIT
International certification as a PCIT therapist. It allows me to assess the
interactions between parent and child.

I have experience providing intensive in-home family therapy for young people
struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges. I assisted families in
identifying different ways to manage their current concerns and struggles. During
my time as an in-home therapy clinician, I provided individual and family therapy
that taught the youth and family how to manage the youth’s emotional and/or
behavioral concerns.

I want you to know that I am constantly working to understand how your family,
school, work, or environment affects your life. I spend time working to understand
how you think to help you change how you feel and respond to life challenges.
To learn more about my work or to book an appointment please contact our
office at (813)331-7673.