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Therapy for children

play therapy

Help children process stressful life events

Child centered play therapy that revolutionizes your child’s cognitive and emotional world through the safety of play.

  • Learn about their world
  • Understand how things work and the relationships around them
  • Express themselves healthily
  • Develop new physical skills
  • Develop new cognitive skills
  • Develop new communication skills
  • Develop social skills and bonds and work through their problems

We foster an environment with fun activities and interactive child-centered play. Along with encouragement and consistency; Revolutionary Play gives your child a voice to express their world through the work of play. Our goal is to help children develop an understanding of life’s challenges in a safe place to equip them with practical tools and joy for long lasting change.

child warning signs

How do I know my child needs someone to talk to?

There are some moments when your child may be expressing warning signs that they mentally and emotionally need support. Changes in regular habits such as eating and sleeping are often disrupted, as well as difficulty behaviorally in school or in the home.

right for my kids

the right therapist

How do I know what therapist is the best for my child and someone I can trust?

Our dedicated team of skilled quality therapists received years of formal educational, certification and direct clinical experience to best meet your child's needs. Our therapists are friendly, they smile, have a care and concern for children and are safe people. Their focus is on building a trusting alliance with you and your child. Overtime, as your child is comfortable they will be able to share vulnerable emotions with their therapist in a safe child-friendly environment.

social and classroom setting

How can play therapy help my child in school?

Play therapists are not only counselors, they are also advocates for your childs' needs in the classroom and in social settings. If there is concern for your child's academic, emotional or behavioral support, our therapist can develop a plan of treatment to target those specific needs to support your child.


How many sessions will be required?

Needless to say, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Your unique circumstances and family dynamics will determine how many sessions are necessary. Once your therapist has met with you and become familiar with your situation, she may be able to give you a rough estimate, but that could change as you and your family progress through counseling. Some families need only a few months of therapy while others may require much longer. In either case the objective is always the same—helping you build the life you want for yourself and your family.

The change starts with YOU.

We listen to what concerns you to offer guidance and support for circumstances that are challenging to change. We help you to explore, transform and heal. We care about your needs and we want to walk alongside you on your journey of change, today.

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