Meet Shaana Wilson: Here To Serve You

Shaana Wilson, MS, LMHC is the Owner & Chief Clinical Therapist of Revolutionary Change, LLC. She holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University (2012) and a bachelor’s degree in Social Personality Psychology from the University of South Florida (2006).

Shaana is a licensed practitioner through the Florida Department of Health with a certification in Mental Health Counseling (2016). Prior to her therapeutic work, Shaana served in the area of Child Welfare within the Florida Department of Children and Families. She worked in a specialized unit called Family Dependency and Treatment Court and acted as a liaison between families and the state’s judicial system.

Shaana’s expertise is in children, teen, family, couples and faith-based counseling. Her professional experience in social work, informs her meaningful and innovative approaches to help restore broken families, children and teens. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Parental Coaching and Spiritual Awareness to guide self-exploration, transformation and healing.

Shaana’s approach is gentle and compassionate, while still being able to reach the core of her client’s emotional needs. She believes in our undeniable power and ability to overcome difficult circumstances in life. She says it’s never too late to move forward in balanced health, joy and success.

Shaana is a member of the Suncoast Mental Health Counselors Association (SMCHA) and The Network of Christian Counselors (NCC).


Masters of Science Degree

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor by the State of Florida Department of Health

Certified in Functional Assessment Rating Scale (FARS) – through the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Program Office with the Florida Department of Children & Families and FARS

Certified in Children’s Functional Assessment Rating Scale (CFARS) – through the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Program with the Florida Department of Children & Families

Certified in CE Licensure Domestic Violence

Certified in CE Licensure Prevention of Medical Errors

Certified in CE VA Privacy and Information Security Awareness and Rules of Behavior

Certified in Civil Rights Training for Community Partners

Certified in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services through the Department of Children and Families

Certified in HIPPA 2015 by State of Florida Department of Children and Families


Revolutionary Change Counseling, LLC is a refreshing and ground-breaking approach to therapy. Our vision is to help you explore your past, heal the present and transform your future. We listen to what concerns you to offer guidance and direction in circumstances that are challenging to change. Our emphasis is on achieving a balanced life. You will gain understanding, clarity and a positive outlook to overcome anything that comes your way. You will walk away renewed, aware, motivated and ready to be an agent of change. A change that’s revolutionary is wide-reaching and starts with you!

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