Meet Daniella Vaquez, LMHC: Here To Serve You

Daniella Vasquez is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with clinical experience working with children and adolescents, DCF and foster care cases, severely mentally ill adults, depression, anxiety, and trauma. She has worked with children and adults through basic skills training and has provided tools for psychosocial rehabilitation. Daniella received her Bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and a minor in marketing from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Once she completed her undergraduate training, she then went into clinical training for her Master’s Degree in clinical counseling at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and obtained her degree in 2011. She is currently attending Florida School of Professional Psychology to obtain her PsyD doctoral degree in clinical psychology to further her skills and experience within the field.

Daniella is passionate about getting clients to a place where they feel comfortable in their own skin and to have thriving relationships as a result of this transformation. Daniella provides a safe and judge free zone to have clients express their deepest desires and truths. Most of Daniella’s past clients have struggled with forming a positive self-identity and stable, healthy relationships. Her goal is to help balance these aspects of a person’s life, while also letting clients guide their own path to healing. She believes it is necessary to treat all aspects of an individual and take a holistic approach as each person is viewed as unique with their own story and life experience. Daniella’s therapeutic approach is more person-centered (focusing on growth and potential through unconditional positive regard), however she also incorporates techniques from other theories that would assist in changing negative thinking and behaviors. Mindfulness and relaxation techniques are utilized within Daniella’s sessions, as these are helpful in grounding individuals and can help guide positive thoughts throughout the day.