What Would Mr. Rogers Say?

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This time of crisis surrounding the Covid-19 virus has left many of us feeling isolated, alone, and afraid. It is difficult enough for adults to cope with this crisis; it is more difficult still to help our children and families to understand what is happening and what the future may hold. The task of facing the numbers of those afflicted and those who have died is daunting for all of us; imagine the stress our children may feel!

Many of us will remember the calm and comfort offered by Mr. Rogers as he invited millions of us into his home. Mr. Rogers told a story about his youth. He related seeing scary things in the news and his mother telling him, “Look for the helpers. You will always fine people who are helping.” In this time of crisis, we have been reminded frequently of those helpers, not only in the medical field but also throughout the service industries. Many of us are stressed at the degree of dependency on others this crisis has forced us to recognize. We are in no way a self-sufficient society! We are dependent on others for basic necessities, but also for comfort and support, and grown-ups sometimes feel as helpless as children.

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Written by December 30, 2020 5:45 pm Categories:

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